For the Police Raid in ASOEE University and the Confiscation of Anarchist RADIO98FM Equipment



Because of the battle that has been orchestrated around ASOEE since 2008, where immigrants have built a community of resistance with students and other groups of solidarity, on the 28th of December MAT, DIAS and cops invade the university buildings of ASOEE. The pretext was the search for warehouses of

Illegal trade products, following an “anonymous phone call. During the operation 16 immigrants were arrested both vendors and passersby.

After they’d finished with the immigrants it was the turn of those in solidarity with them. The first concern of the police once they were in ASOEE was to invade the self-organised space and discover “lawlessness” findings such evidence as: texts, posters, printed materials, and a library all findings obviously associated with the free flow of ideas. The media stood icily indifferent to all these findings. In contrast, they focus on anything that will serve their communication games and they zoom in to and beam out a close-up of the studio of the self organized radio station “Radio zones of subversive Expression” that emitted from ASOEE at 98.0FM in the center and at 93.8FM in the rest of Athens.

“Radio zones of subversive Expression” has operated continuously since 2002. The effort of creating and operating a radio station was based on the idea of no mediation at any level of life, the passion for self-expression and the desire to communicate. To overcome the risk of sterile criticism and rejection, which inevitably leads to stagnation and unconscious passivity, the answer could be none other than creation. Given that the media are controlled exclusively by organized private or state interests, we felt we needed the motivate and to give an outlet to the ideas and movements that oppose the system and its institutions.

In 2005 Free FM, a radio station that broadcasts without permission from Hymettus was installed on the same frequency (at 98.0) and that station enjoyed a state of immunity since they did the job of the state without any political cost. We on the other hand chose not to indulge in a kilowatt war with Free FM thus raising the electromagnetic emission levels way beyond safety levels. Nor do we wish to transform the station into a headquarters for counter-specialists with many re-transmitters around the country. Something similar is being attempted over the past month on the frequency of 93.8. A few months after we started broadcasting the station in that particular frequency a machine that emits void signal appears in the FM band in an effort to stem the spread of free speech in some areas of Athens with methods that can be clearly identified as parastatal .

Trying to overcome this peculiar attack from Free FM, we tried to find a way to partner with the self organized group in ASOEE. This partnership led to placing an antenna and a transmitter in ASOEE, and then a studio was set up. We much prefer to set up our studios under the antennas we lift and have daily action within the university communities in which we coexist. The two points of emission that the station now has were created by everyday people with everyday presence in the universities whether we talk about students or not. The presence of counter outputs, cue, assemblies and activities within universities regardless of their “educational” purpose is what gives meaning to the university avaton and protects it unlike the laws the politicians and the hot shot professors.

Both the invasion of Villa Amalia and the seizure of the machinery of the station are not accidental. The self organized group at ASOEE has chosen to stand alongside the immigrants who struggle against fascism, that is being imposed as a social condition in the region and beyond. The same happened on 12th of December in the repressive operation against the squat at Villa Amalias and the arson attack by fascists of the free social space Xanadu at Xanthi on the morning of December 21st.

It is the common component of these projects that causes allergy to authority. It is the seed in the structure and organization of each self-organized project that works collectively freely with mediation, and counter commercially, counter hierarchically standing for the values ​​of freedom, dignity, resistance and solidarity opposite a system that stinks, which stands for subjection, individualism, alienation, fear, isolation and social cannibalism.

In this context, the “hit” on “Radio zones of subversive Expression” was the purpose of the exercise! Because the station chose to broadcast the voice of the struggling people excluded from mainstream media. From the immigrants who resist outside ASOEE to the political prisoners, from the labor struggles to the self-management in neighborhoods, from counter-information in mass mobilizations to briefings and solidarity.

If they think that by targeting the infrastructure of the movement will bend the struggle for solidarity and freedom of expression they are mistaken! The necessity of creating and allowing unmediated expression is not limited by any hardware. This need will continue to cause cracks in the wall of silence they’re trying to raise around us.



“Radio zones of subversive Expression” 98fm – 93.8fm ::.


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